BP8004 Pattern Sealer
BP 8004 has a soft paste-like consistency which spreads and fills easily and smoothly. BP8004 dries with very little shrinkage and no surface cracking so that one application is usually sufficient to fill most irregularities and form fillet-radii. After application, a firm skin will form within minutes, and it will be thoroughly dry overnight. The sealer on a completed styrofoam pattern will withstand all normal storage and transportation conditions.

Product Features:

Base: Water based emulsion

Thinner: Use water only

Weight (per gal.): 6.6lbs

Color: Cream

BP9024 Pattern Sealer
BP9024 plaster sealer/adhesive can be used to seal wet or dry plaster models against moisture-vapor transmission. When mixed, BP9024 resin and hardener will gel in approximately five minutes, unless a solvent is added to either the resin or the hardener. If using a solvent, measure equal parts (by weight or volume) resin and hardener; prior to mixing, add an equal weight/volume of solvent, dividing it to add half to the resin and half to the hardener. Note that when mixing a solvent, the gel-time may be extended to about one hour. The solvent facilitates good penetration of the plaster, as well as ensuring the mixture has adequate usable pot life.

Product Features:

Mix ratio (by wt.): 100:100

Pot life (min): 5

Set time (min) (72°F): 15

Hardness (shore): 60D

Color: Light Amber

foundry pattern sealers

BP8005 Pattern Sealer
BP8005 is a water-based paste-wax compound used for the filling of surface irregularities and the forming of fillet-radii on styrofoam foundry patterns. Containing a green dye for easier visibility, BP8005 has been specially formulated and fully approved for the “Full Mold Foundry Process” of direct metal casting using styrofoam patterns.

Product Features:

Base: Water-based emulsion

Thinner: Use water only

Weight (per gal.): 6.6 lbs

Color: Green

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